Receiving Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries Can Help Your Claim. Here’s Why

Receiving treatment after an auto accident can benefit you in many ways, one of which you may have never considered. Short-term treatment may be necessary for some minor sprains and strains. Long-term therapy might be necessary at times to aid you in your recovery. Seeking medical treatment might also help with your accident injury claim or legal case. The auto accident injury treatment specialists at Chicago Personal Injury Centers have treated many auto accident injuries and want to share this information with you.

Some Injuries Frequently Seen After an Auto Accident

Some people walk away from a horrendous wreck with little or no injuries. But there are many, many more that you do not hear about that suffer great bodily harm. Maybe the impact was directly on their side, or their car was older, so it did not have all the safety features we have now. Whatever the reason, they may have life-changing injuries. We treat those. We offer mental health referrals to help deal with life challenges.

Frequent injuries after an auto accident

  • Soft tissue injuries – Bruises, sprains, and strains, everyone gets these.
  • Dislocated joints – Need to be reset, they may also need rehab depending on the damage around the joint
  • Fractured bones – Frequent injuries that may need treatment of casting up to surgery depending on the location and severity of the break
  • Neck injuries/Whiplash – Whiplash and other neck injuries are common in a hard-impact or high-speed crash. It can be minor to very severe injuries.
  • Back/Spine Injuries – This can be catastrophic and needs immediate and long-term attention. These injuries can lead from back problems for life to total paralysis.
  • Head/Brain Injuries – Any head injury may cause devastating results. These must be dealt with promptly at the accident and then long-term.

How Chicago Personal Injury Centers Can Help After Your Car Accident

Our licensed and certified medical practitioners will conduct a medical evaluation considering all of your complaints and issues. If needed, we will perform diagnostic imaging with our in-house equipment. X-ray, CT, and MRI machines are at our locations, allowing us immediate test results. Following all needed testing, your team will meet again to discuss the recommendations for your treatment. We have the following treatment options available.

Massage Therapy

We have Certified Massage Therapists trained to alleviate pain and repair wounded tissue through massage therapy.

Physical Therapy

Our Certified Physical Therapists help you regain full mobility and function of wounded ligaments, muscles, and limbs

Chiropractic Care

Licensed Chiropractors are trained in multiple modalities for treatment of all of these areas:

  • Back Pain
  • Concussions
  • Hip Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Migraines / Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain

Pain Management and Injections

Our physicians are Double Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain and Fellowship trained. This training qualifies our providers as pain management experts at caring for any pain situation, especially pain after a car accident. Injections, also known as minimally invasive procedures, are excellent options for treating pain and are commonly used by our doctors.


We provide non-invasive surgical options to meet many needs. Not long ago, these procedures would have required conventional surgery. We have excellent relationships with area surgeons in numerous specialties, if surgery is needed.

Mental Health Counseling

Auto accidents can have devastating results on victims in more ways than one. Dealing with the trauma of the accident, or facing the future may need help from a trained professional.

Why This Helps Your Auto Insurance Claim or Legal Case if Necessary

You show concern about your injuries, by receiving prompt and consistent care. By obtaining this care from leading providers in the auto accident injury field, we show that your injuries are serious.

You should be transported to the local Emergency Department by ambulance from the scene if you are injured. Even if you are treated and released within a few hours, you should go if you have any concerns. Do not take the transport if you or the EMS have no reason for you to go; it will be a waste of time and money.

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It is imperative that you come to all appointments. Your care must be consistent. Many of the therapies are built one on top of another and if you miss one it can be detrimental to the healing process.

We will provide all the information that your insurance company or attorney needs. We deal with agents and attorneys daily and know what they want and how they want to receive it. We will only disclose what we are required to provide to the opposing attorney.