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Massage was known to be for high-end health clubs or spas. It was previously considered a luxury for the upper-classes or a code word for some unscrupulous behaviors. Massage therapy isn’t all about pampering yourself or having a spa day. Presently, massage has come to be viewed an integral tool in bolstering physical and mental health especially after incurring an injury.

Although this may be the case for most people, you can use massage therapy for pain relief and stress reduction. After you have suffered a personal injury from a work place workplace incident, slip and fall, or auto accident massage therapy can go a long way in alleviating your pain. If you’re sore and stressed, you may be thinking that the only solution is taking over-the-counter relievers to get through the day.  But certified massage therapists from Chicago Personal Injury Centers can help alleviate your pain.

There are so many ways you can benefit from seeing a massage therapist – you can improve with your overall wellness, and assist with your pain. If you have sustained an injury from a personal injury accident, you should consult with your physician and talk with a massage therapist. Call our experienced Chicago Personal Injury Centers doctors at (773) 482-5800 to book an appointment and begin your recovery journey.

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What is Massage Therapy?

Performed by trained massage therapists, massage therapy entails using various techniques, movements, pressures to move muscles and other soft tissues inside the body. With an objective of slumping the nervous system, massage therapy can be utilized to alleviate tension and stress, heal injuries, offer relief from symptoms and support overall wellness.

Massage will entail putting pressure and rubbing on muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues. When this technique is used to enhance somebody’s health, it is referred to as massage therapy.

Massage is very helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety, aid with pain relief, rehabilitate injuries and relax muscles. For many healthy folks with no chronic conditions, massage is just a luxury to them.  Call our expert massage therapist at Chicago Personal Injury Centers to book a consultation.

Health Benefits of Massage

Massage minimizes cortisol levels (stress hormone), while augmenting other hormones like serotonin and dopamine to bolster your wellbeing. Here are some of the health benefits you stand to gain from getting massage therapy:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

That sensation of calmness following a massage can assist in alleviating stress and anxiety. There are two nervous systems in the body: a sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for eliciting your ‘fight or flight’ response when faced with stressful incidents and parasympathetic nervous system that handles day-to-day operations and routines that elicit your feelings of relaxation and rest. Massage therapy elicits a parasympathetic response that helps in minimizing anxiety.

Improves Sleep

Receiving a massage can reduce cortisol levels and increase dopamine and serotonin levels, neurotransmitters known to stabilize your mood. Research has indicated that massage therapy is helpful to persons suffering from insomnia as a result of congestive heart failure and menopause.

Lessens Pain & Muscle Tension

Several studies have revealed how massage therapy can assist to reduce pain like headaches, neck pain, acute back pain, and knee pain. The final result indicated that relief is more or less short-term instead of a long-term affair. And in some instances, getting a 60-minute massage a couple of times through the week had better results.

Improves Immune Function

How does getting a massage improve your immune system?  Research indicated that massages raise the body’s white blood cells, which help in fighting viruses.

Relieves Constipation

Research indicated that persons having constipation issues following a surgery can be assisted with abdominal massage as it will aid with bowel movements.

Lessens Fibromyalgia Symptoms

From mood, memory, and sleep patterns, research has revealed that getting massage therapy over a period of five weeks can assist alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms, an illness that causes fatigues as well as joint and muscle pain.

Relieves Cancer Pain

For persons going through cancer treatments, the emotional and physical agony is tremendous.  Many afflicted persons have resulted into massage therapy to assist mitigate cancer pain, improve quality of life, and increase relaxation. Massage therapy has shown to have a positive effects on alleviating cancer pain.

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Types of Massage Offered

Massage therapy encompasses a lot. Here are some of the massage therapy offerings you can expect from our skilled practitioners at Chicago Personal Injury Centers:

Deep Tissue

Repeated use of your muscles can make it tight or constricted even after engaging in a less active activity such as driving, sitting, or hunching over your computer. Our deep tissues specialists will get into your tendons and muscles to alleviate the constriction. This is an excellent treatment for personal injury victims.


For major relaxation, getting a Swedish massage is the way to go. Swedish massage therapy is essentially a whole-body massage that uses gentle stroke touches. It’s perfect for persons new to massages. The Swedish massage assists in calming your nervous system. It also aids in stimulating a relaxed state of mind which has a direct effect on your muscles.


This therapy was developed to assist athletes in training and also assist prevent their likelihood of suffering injuries as well as increase their flexibility. Sports massage are more or less the same as deep-tissue massages, but they center on the muscles that are on the blunt side of engaging in repetitive physical activity.

Dancers and athletes use their body differently compared to normal folks.  A skilled mas sage therapist with get into your muscles and alleviate the constriction, as well as address any lingering sports injuries.

Deep Trigger Point

This type of massage is configured for persons who have sustained injuries, are suffering from chronic pain or are dealing with a certain condition or issue. At times, spots of constriction, referred to as trigger points, can result in pain in other body parts.  By basing this therapy on these trigger points, it can assist in alleviating pain.

A 2018 study revealed that using deep trigger point therapy to treat neck and head injuries reduced intensity, frequency and, and duration of migraine headaches and tension. Trigger point massage essentially places pressure on the trigger point to reduce the tension.

The massage will cover your whole body, though your therapist will concentrate on particular that require alleviation. Wear lightweight clothing during the massage sessions or you can be partially or fully undressed. This massage often takes around 60 to 90 minutes.


As the name suggests, this massage therapy comes from Thailand and entail stretching and deep massage moves to aid in relieving tension and also improve flexibility.

Active Release Technique

ART, is a soft tissue technique that concentrates on alleviating tissue tension through the removal of adhesions/fibroids which can accrue in the body due to repetitive body movement. Active Release Technique is used for treating symptoms with nerves, fascia, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

ART works in three ways, to restore motion to soft tissues, alleviate constricted nerves, lymphatics, and vasculature, and reconnect optimal function, resilience, and texture of soft tissues.

Top Conditions that Massage Therapy Can Treat

Here are some of the condition our physicians at Chicago Personal Injury Centers handle:

  • Chronic Pain: Massage therapy promotes relaxation and can help reduce pain caused by surgery, injury from accidents, or chronic conditions such as low back pain.
  • Anxiety:  Massage therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms in people suffering from anxiety.
  • Depression:  Massage therapy can help alleviate symptoms of depression.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries: Massage therapy can provide relief for issues that affect the muscles and joints, such as repetitive strain injuries often caused by a job’s physical requirements or they can be sports related.
  • Cancer Recovery: Massage therapy can help cancer patients cope with pain and stress during their recovery
  • Migraines: Massage therapy may help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines
  • Osteoarthritis: Massage therapy can help alleviate pain and improve mobility in individuals with osteoarthritis.

It’s integral to note that although message therapy can assist alleviate some of these conditions, you shouldn’t forego getting medical care.  When you have sustained a personal injury, make sure to that you get in touch a health physicians as soon as possible. Our injury doctors at Chicago Personal Injury Centers are available to alleviate your pain. Contact us today!

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Enlist An Expert and Start Your Massage Therapy Today

Nobody prepares you after suffering a personal injury. Getting massage therapy can go a long way in assisting you on your recovery journey. As you wait to deal with the legal aspect of things, call your lawyer and have your claim processed through us. At Chicago Personal Injury Centers, we are understanding and know that an injury isn’t something you should bear the financial blunt of things.

When searching for a health care professional, it is integral to be conscious when choosing a massage therapist. After sustaining a personal injury in Chicago, call our injury treatment center for safe and effective Medicare following your injury. Our specialists are fully certified and licensed to lead you through the therapy sessions. Our specialists have years handling situations like yours which is why we are confident in our abilities.

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