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At Chicago Personal Injury Centers, we understand that injuries can significantly impact your life, often stemming from personal injury cases like auto accidents, workplace slips and falls, or incidents at home resulting in acute and chronic back, neck, knee, shoulder, or a myriad of other types of pains. Our mission is to provide comprehensive medication management tailored to your unique needs throughout your recovery journey.

Dealing with injuries resulting from accidents or incidents can be overwhelming for your physical and mental well-being, and managing medications on top of that can add to the complexity.

Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in injury treatment and medication management, offering comprehensive care under one roof. We work with our patients to ensure effective pain management and recovery while minimizing any adverse effects of short- and long-term medication use. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking exceptional treatment and top-tier medication management services.

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What is Medication Management?

Professionally known as pharmacotherapy management, medication management involves a meticulous approach to overseeing your medications to guarantee their safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use. Our team of physicians will work with you and/or your caregiver to ensure all of your medication is safe and effective for your recovery.

In our modern-day lives, pharmaceuticals are a cornerstone to living longer, healthy lives. Medication is essential in fighting and fending off diseases or even helping individuals live longer while suffering from health conditions, for instance, after suffering life-changing incidents.

On the other side of the coin, pharmaceutical drugs can do a negative side. Prescription drug errors and unsafe medication practices, including underdosing, overdosing, missing medications, or any other medication practice which are a leading cause of avoidable harm in patient care, can yield negative side effects. Adverse drug interactions are also known to cause medication incidents.

Experts estimate that medication mismanagement and medication-related problems cause over 1.5 million avoidable or preventable adverse events every causing death and injury that costs the United States $177 billion. Moreover, with an increasing range of drugs in the market, the complexity of factors related to prescription pharmaceutical drugs is only increasing.

This is where our comprehensive medication management services come in. Our double-board certified and fellowship-trained physicians at Chicago Personal Injury Centers excel in this crucial aspect of your recovery. With a complete list of medications, we have a clear picture of medication intake. Importantly, we can reduce the risk of adverse drug events occurring, impeding your recovery from injury or worsening your condition.

Additionally, our physicians work closely with your physiotherapists or any other specialist you’re working with to recover from your accident, ensuring you receive holistic treatment for effective long-term recovery.

Monitoring Your Medications

Medication management services go beyond keeping track of your medication, checking for adverse interactions, or keeping a record of the patient. Our medication management services also involve monitoring medication intake over the course of your treatment and recovery. Our medication managers supervise all aspects of your medication, including the dosage and timing. We incorporate technology to ensure you never miss taking your medicine and that you take the correct dosages.

Moreover, we also monitor the efficacy of your treatment long-term. Prescription pharmaceutical drugs are essential in recovering after an accident. For instance, prescription pain medication helps patients tolerate pain and function normally, thereby improving their quality of life. However, prescription meds are known to have the potential for dangerous side effects, especially opioids.

Our approach to pain management is to not make narcotic painkillers a first recommendation. We feel the healing process encompasses much more than prescription medications. When opioids are taken for a long time, there is a risk for drug tolerance to occur. It’s, therefore, essential to have a professional monitor your medication throughout your recovery journey.

Our team closely monitors your medication regimen, ensuring you’re taking the right medications at the right times and in the correct dosages. This helps prevent adverse reactions and interactions that can hinder your healing process.

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Reconciling Your Medications

We perform thorough medication reconciliation to identify discrepancies or duplications in your prescription. Reconciling your medication helps physicians create an accurate list of all the medicines you’re taking, noting information such as the drug name, frequency, dosage, and route. Our physicians will follow the following steps during the reconciliation process:

  • Creating a list of your current medications
  • Creating a list of medications you’ll be prescribed
  • Reconciliation of medications (compare the two lists of medications)
  • Make informed clinical decisions following the medicine reconciliation process
  • Discuss with you and/or your caregiver

The medication reconciliation part of medication management is an exceptionally essential step when transitioning at every transition of care event when you need new medicine or your existing prescriptions are rewritten. At face value, this process seems straightforward and mundane. However, its importance cannot be overstated.

This process helps eliminate the risk of prescription errors, providing you with peace of mind. It also ensures our physicians document any changes and recognize and resolve any discrepancies.

Ensuring Positive Outcomes

For all of our patients, we implement a comprehensive medication management approach. By following this approach, we ensure every patient receives personalized treatment that caters to their needs while taking into account their specific circumstances. Every patient is assessed to determine which medication is best suited and most effective for the intended outcome. Additionally, the assessment ensures the medication is appropriate and effective.

Importantly, we assess our patients to ensure they can take medication as intended without compromising their safety. This aspect of our service involves understanding and working around any pre-existing comorbidities and pre-existing conditions.

Furthermore, by carefully adjusting your medication plan as your recovery progresses, we maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

In a nutshell, our medication management services focus on enhancing your treatment outcomes. Every aspect of our medication management is designed and optimized to deliver better clinical outcomes as you recover from your injuries. Our physicians will work with you to ensure positive results through our frequent medication assessments, personalized therapy, ongoing review or medication reconciliation.

Understanding Prescription Cascade

A prescription cascade occurs when physicians prescribe a new medication to treat the side effects of another medication, believing that they are treating a new condition. There is a risk of the second drug meant to treat the adverse effects of the first drug, causing an even more severe reaction, leading to a prescribing cascade. This cycle can lead to a complex web of prescriptions, potentially causing adverse reactions or complications.

At Chicago Personal Injury Centers, we break this cycle by ensuring your medication regimen is streamlined and tailored to your needs. Importantly, through constant monitoring and medication reconciliation, our physicians ensure they minimize the risk of a prescription cascade happening.

The Value of Medication Management: Why Do I Need Someone to Manage My Medications?

While you might know the medications you’re taking, our expertise lies in optimizing their impact on your recovery while improving your safety. Our medication management specialists possess an in-depth understanding of drug interactions, side effects, and the nuances of combining multiple medications.

And in a medical world where new and novel treatments are hitting the markets every day, you need an experienced hand to guide you through pharmacotherapy. Our medication management services are especially beneficial if you are prescribed several medications, undergoing treatment for several ailments/conditions, taking medication that requires close monitoring, or if you experience an issue when you take certain medicines.

Who is Qualified to Perform Medication Management?

For the most part, medication management is an outpatient level of treatment that involves the in-depth evaluation of the patient’s needs, the provision of a prescription, and continuous monitoring of the patient during the recovery process, with a keen interest in the patient’s safe use of the prescribed drugs to ensure you get the desired outcome.

At its core, medication management involves creating treatment plans and monitoring your progress. As such, only board-certified medical professionals can offer this service.

Our medication management team comprises licensed medical professionals with extensive experience in pharmacology and patient care. They collaborate closely with our injury treatment specialists to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to your recovery.

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Your Path to Recovery Starts Here: Call to Discuss Our Medication Management Process

Navigating injuries and medications can be challenging without expert guidance. By themselves, the injuries are taxing to your physical, mental and social well-being and can bog you down as you recover from your injuries. Add the complexities of adhering to medication while ensuring the medicine is working, and you might be overwhelmed, reducing your pace of recovery.

Don’t let injuries hold you back – trust the Chicago Personal Injury Centers experts to guide you towards a healthier and brighter future. Our integrated approach to injury treatment and medication management simplifies your journey to recovery, providing you with comprehensive care. Additionally, our unwavering commitment is to help our patients swiftly recover from their injuries and return to the life they love.

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