Motorcycle Accident Injury Treatment in Chicago

While many people in Chicago like riding motorbikes, it can also be an extremely risky activity. The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that in 2022, at least 122 motorcycle accidents occurred in Illinois. Motorbike and car crashes frequently result in fatalities, severe injuries, and fatalities. Riders in Illinois who suffer injuries should first consider seeking professional treatment.

Motorcycle crashes can seriously injure riders. Our medical team is dedicated to providing customized motorcycle accident injury treatment plans to those injured in motorbike accidents. The medical proceedings are crucial when developing a compelling case against the at-fault party. Contact Chicago Personal Injury Center at (773) 482-5800 to start your medical process.

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Understanding Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to accidents than vehicle occupants. Head injuries are the primary cause of death in motorcycle accidents. Motor motorcycle riders are more prone to injuries because they lack a cage to shield them from the road and other vehicles.

Additionally, there is no helmet law in Illinois. This increases the likelihood that a motorcycle accident may result in significant brain injury. A biker has a high probability of damage if they are involved in an accident without wearing a proper helmet and other safety equipment.

Besides, sometimes, come injuries such as whiplash or internal organ injury, may not manifest symptoms for several days or weeks. After the accident, get medical attention immediately to ensure your injuries are identified and treated.

What Are Some of the Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Motorcycle riding provides little protection; thus, motorbike accidents often result in more severe injuries than other accidents. Riders often suffer severe injuries that need lengthy hospital stays. Most motorcycle accidents result in one or more of the following typical injuries:

  • Head and Brain Injuries: Motorcyclists often suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can lead to long-term neurological issues. These injuries often require a long recovery period for the victims.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: A rider involved in an accident may suffer severe spinal cord injuries and head and neck trauma that could result in permanent paralysis. Such injuries are long-term, and you may take time to recover.
  • Bone Fractures: Motorbike accidents often result in bone fractures, which can take a long time to recover and necessitate surgery and physical therapy. The wounded rider may find it difficult to work or even perform daily tasks.
  • Road Rash and Abrasions: A biker may sustain unpleasant scratches and bruises from their skin rubbing against the road. The scars may require skin grafts, further medical procedures, and multiple doctor visits.

Image is of a crashed motorcycle laying on its side concept of motorcycle accident injury treatment in Chicago

Should I Seek Immediate Medical Care for Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

The most crucial thing to do following a motorcycle collision is to determine who is injured as quickly as possible. We believe that following a crash, all motorcycle riders—even those who don’t think they’re hurt—should proceed straight to the hospital. Seeking immediate medical attention helps ensure your safety and demonstrates that the injuries directly result from the collision.

Motorcyclists should adhere to any medical advice or treatments prescribed by their physicians. Restarting the recommended therapy could convey to the insurance company that the injuries are not as serious as they first appear. We offer comprehensive examinations and emergency care at Chicago Personal Injury Center to treat your injuries.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach

At Chicago Personal Injury Center, we employ a multidisciplinary treatment approach to diagnose and treat your injuries. Our coordinated care considers all facets of a patient’s health and prioritizes their requirements. This approach to patient treatment typically concentrates on the following:

  • Overall wellness: We look beyond a single sickness or concern to ensure you are in good general health.
  • Holistic care: Our holistic approach considers the patient’s environment, conduct, physical state, and social interactions.
  • Effective data sharing: A multidisciplinary treatment approach ensures effective data sharing among professionals to ensure that every patient’s healthcare team member knows the requirements and treatments.
  • Strong patient-provider relationships: The approach promotes robust relationships between patients and providers that encourage candid communication between patients, medical personnel, and other providers

How Are Motorcycle Accident Injuries Assessed and Diagnosed?

We employ clear diagnostic imaging at the Chicago Personal Injury Center to view internal injuries. The approach helps identify and evaluate conditions and provide visual information regarding internal injuries.

The following are a few of the most typical categories of diagnostic images that we use:

  • C.T. Scan: CT scans create cross-sectional body images using X-ray technology and computer processing. Compared to standard X-rays, CT scans provide more information and are useful in detecting and diagnosing conditions such as internal bleeding and broken bones.
  • X-rays: These scans provide images of the bones, muscles, and organs using ionizing radiation. In contrast to other screening methods, X-rays are rapid, inexpensive, and cause no pain to the patient.
  • MRI: It combines powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to provide clear images of soft tissues, organs, and bones. It can diagnose conditions like joint injuries.

Tailored Motorcycle Accident Injury Treatment Plans

Chicago Personal Injury Center provides comprehensive and integrated care for those with personal injuries. We ensure every patient receives care that fulfills their needs by assembling a team of physicians with various specialties.

Every patient has a unique injury and unique recovery objectives. A multidisciplinary approach makes customized treatment regimens, such as physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, pain management, and dietary counseling, possible. This comprehensive approach improves therapy outcomes and benefits individuals generally.

As a patient, you must also adhere to our instructions to ensure a full recovery. Failure to abide by the prescriptions can jeopardize your health and personal injury claim.

What Are Some Different Treatments for Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

We employ different strategies to treat motorcycle accident injuries at the Chicago Personal Injury Center. Some of them include but are not limited to:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often necessary for the most severe injuries from motorcycle accidents. Physical therapy’s effects and methods can vary depending on the damage, but it is typically essential for injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents.

Pain Management

Creating an effective pain management strategy for your particular condition is crucial to managing the pain that follows an injury. We take different approaches to address the pain that each type of damage creates because they are all unique.

Medication Management

We employ medication management to monitor a patient’s medication regimen to ensure appropriate dosing and intended therapeutic outcomes. We conduct medication reviews before and after to address safety and adherence issues, reduce adverse drug responses, and educate patients.


A muscle injured in an accident can trigger points or persistent knots. These trigger points may cause pain, but a localized injection might ease the tension by relaxing the affected muscle.

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors determine the extent of your injuries and the best treatment following a motorcycle accident. Although they are educated to treat a wide range of pains, most specialize in treating pain resulting from auto accidents.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works with the body’s soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It eases discomfort, promotes relaxation, and increases blood flow and flexibility.

Surgical Intervention

Many motorcycle accidents result in injuries requiring extensive interior surgeries. These techniques require great skill and caution because they can be extremely risky and challenging. Some complications requiring surgical intervention include head, neck, or back injuries.

I Have Anxiety Since the Accident. Should I Seek Professional Help?

While a motorcycle accident can cause bodily harm, it can also cause mental damage that may not fully heal for years. Any handicap can potentially impact your conduct, emotions, and self-esteem negatively. You may frequently hear rude remarks or insults from others and feel isolated.

Seeking assistance as soon as you suspect mental distress is crucial. Our therapy and counseling sessions might assist you in recovering from the psychological effects of an accident. Other strategies we recommend for handling anxiety and tension following a motorbike accident include:

  • Get Emotional Support: It’s common to feel terrified and anxious after an accident, and talking to a close friend or relative about your feelings might be helpful. Another reason support groups might be beneficial is that they provide a secure space for you to talk to others who have experienced similar experiences about what you are going through.
  • Stay Active: Keeping yourself occupied can aid in your recovery even when you need to relax. Engaging in enjoyable activities can improve your quality of life, reduce symptoms, and restore your sense of rhythm and normalcy. Exercise-based goal-setting and achievement can also assist in increasing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques: Knowing how to unwind might help you cope with worry, tension, anxiety, and other emotions following a motorbike accident. Try some yoga, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, and deep breathing.

Image is of a motorcycle accident victim in a neck brace being shown mri images by a doctor concept of motorcycle accident injury treatment in Chicago

Should I Consult With a Lawyer Regarding the Motorcycle Accident?

In most cases, filing a claim for injuries will require a motorcycle accident attorney’s assistance. Insurance firms hesitate to honor their promises when one of their customers gets wounded. You will need a Chicago motorcycle crash attorney if:

  • You have serious injuries: If your injuries necessitate continuous medical attention or render you permanently jobless, calculating the value of your losses will undoubtedly require the assistance of an attorney.
  • The company makes a lowball offer: Insurance companies often try to set claims for less. Seeking professional legal help will ensure you don’t settle for a lowball offer.
  • More than one person is at fault: In certain circumstances, particularly when multiple vehicles are involved, it’s possible that various people’s negligence resulted in your injuries. A motorcycle accident attorney can examine the collision scene and determine the percentage of damage each party is accountable for.

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In 2021, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported that motorcycle accidents contributed to 1.1% of overall motor accidents. Motorcycle riders often get injured in collisions because other car drivers fail to pay attention. Chicago Personal Injury Centers have medical professionals who treat injured parties in Chicago. We possess extensive expertise in assisting victims of motorcycle accidents.

We offer immediate medical attention for your injuries, hospitalization, surgery, additional treatment, or physical therapy. We also provide counseling therapies to alleviate the psychological toll of witnessing a horrific event and suffering severe injuries.

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