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People that are involved in accidents, in many cases do not know that they have sustained an injury. One of the reasons why this happens is that people’s bodies produce different hormones in response to stress and the pain signals caused by the accident. This is why it is vital to take any injury very seriously and regard it as a “medical condition”, that will require a healthcare provider.

For the majority of cases, early treatment and intervention often result in the correct recovery. Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center works with all the payers, including auto insurance companies, lawyers, employers’ liability, and workers’ compensation companies. We are proud of our highly experienced medical team and we are respected and well-known in Chicago. If you would like to book a consultation or you have questions, call us at (773) 482-5800.

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What Are Some of the Different Types of Treatments Available at Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center?

When it comes to addressing injuries, we recognize the importance of a comprehensive and individualized approach to healing. Our center takes pride in offering an array of specialized treatments designed to cater to various types of injuries, ensuring that each individual receives personalized care.

From cutting-edge therapies to well-established techniques, our objective is to provide effective treatments that promote recovery and restoration of optimal functionality. Join us on this informative journey as we delve into the different types of treatments that Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center offers, paving the way towards a healthier and pain-free life.

Medication Management

A common short-term solution that most people use when they suffer from an ache or pain is to take an over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. If you are experiencing inflammation caused by an injury or sprain, these are medications that most medical professionals suggest to assist with dealing with these symptoms.

In most cases, many over-the-counter medications are regarded as safe when taken in moderation. They can also assist you when it comes to getting over your pain and discomfort.

We focus on responsible medication management. We want to find you a medication that will help start feeling better as soon as possible, but doesn’t cause you long-term issues down the road.

Minimally Invasive Injection Based Therapy

Patients generally respond in a positive way to the injection-based treatments that our center offers. These injections provide rapid relief from pain and discomfort and the advantage of being non-invasive and non-surgical. Some of the options on offer include:

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a popular treatment option used for temporary or momentary relief. A professional and skilled massage therapist is one of the best ways to loosen painful and tight muscles.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedics involves several services that relate to musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that affect the bones along with the associated tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Care typically involves a diagnosis and treatments that range from conservative approaches such as injections, medication, or other therapies, to revision surgeries. When possible, surgeries are carried out with the use of minimally-invasive scope methods.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractors are skilled in offering effective relief from pain through spinal adjustments and manipulations. Regardless of whether you were recently injured in an accident, or you were going about your daily tasks, simple things often result in misalignment. Adjustments and manipulations work in relieving pressure through different areas of the body.

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What Conditions Do We Treat at Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center?

As a dedicated hub for healing and recovery, we understand the diverse range of injuries and conditions that individuals may encounter. Our focus lies in providing specialized care for an extensive spectrum of injuries, whether they stem from accidents, sports-related incidents, workplace mishaps, or chronic ailments affecting daily life.

Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition that affects many adults over their lifetime. The medical professionals at our injury treatment center have created a specialized treatment plan to assist patients that suffer from back pain to offer long-term relief.

Neck Pain

Poor posture, accidents, and how we go about our daily tasks can all add to a real and ongoing problem such as neck pain. The physicians at Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center are skilled and have the experience to deal with all types of acute and chronic neck pain, with the goal of helping patients to improve. Our treatment plans are focused on helping each patient to experience long-lasting lowered pain while avoiding surgery when possible.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder provides the biggest range-of-motion when compared to any of the other joints in the body. Whether people experience chronic conditions or are involved in accidents, many adults will experience shoulder pain at some stage. Our treatment center offers a range of non-surgical options that typically offer long-term relief.

Hip Pain

Whether hip pain results from muscle strain, osteoarthritis, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, or an accident. it is often experienced through the buttock, lumbar, and back region, which makes it more difficult to diagnose. This is why it is important to have your hip pain examined carefully by a trained doctor to identify any underlying causes before the right treatment plan is decided upon.


Whether it involves a burning radiating sensation or shooting pains through the legs and hip that leaves numbness or weakness in your lower extremities, sciatica or sciatic pain impacts many people’s abilities to move around, work, or even care for themselves or their families.

As painful and concerning as these types of symptoms might be, they usually do not require surgery. Our team of professional physicians has some of the most effective solutions to help our patients experience relief from this type of pain.

Joint Pain

Many adults suffer from different types of joint pain. At Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center we specialize in providing effective and non-surgical treatments focused on strengthening the body and reducing chronic pain. This provides many of our patients with a way to improve both their quality of life and mobility.


Numbing of feet and hands or an icy-hot, burning, and tingling pain are common neuropathy symptoms that are often disruptive and distressing to many people’s lives. Our skilled physicians have extensive experience in treating neuropathic chronic pain and finding tailor-made solutions that work for each patient. Our practice focuses on achieving long-lasting results with our comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.

Disc Injuries

You may have heard of different terms that are used for describing spinal disc injuries. Some of these include “slipped”, “ruptured”, “herniated”, or “bulging”. But every form of disc injury is very common in that it often drastically reduces the patient’s quality of life.

If you are going through the symptoms of an injury to one or more of your spinal discs, your best option is to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors at Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center. We provide effective and safe treatments for all types of disc injuries without the need for surgery.


Most people suffer from the occasional headache, but some people suffer from tension headaches or chronic migraines that result in debilitating pain.

Our team of physicians has the necessary training and skills to treat migraines by finding a treatment plan that will work for each patient. We are focused on complete health and achieving long-lasting results.


Head injuries, particularly concussions, are often scary. It is normal to be concerned about how your injury is going to affect your life when you have lingering or severe symptoms. For all head injuries, it is vital to get immediate medical attention to eliminate any complications that could be life-threatening. An evaluation from a physician that specializes in concussions is the best step you can take after a concussion.


At Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center we provide personalized treatment options and expert care for our patients that have suffered from neck pain and whiplash. Our pain management specialists are focused on helping you to experience relief from pain and discomfort so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Muscle Injuries

Many muscle injuries are regarded as muscle strains and sprains, or muscle tears that respond well to resting the area that is injured, ice applications, compression bandages, and elevating the area when possible.

Following any injuries the fibers in the muscle will gradually rebuild. There will also be a decrease in muscle strength and flexibility, which makes this area more susceptible to re-injury. This is why proper rehabilitation is important before returning to all the activities you are used to.

Spider Or Varicose Veins

At Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center we treat many of the side effects related to varicose and spider veins, including:

  • Swelling, throbbing, and pain in the legs
  • Protruding and visible veins
  • Heaviness, discomfort, or cramping
  • Soreness and aching, especially after activity
  • Restless legs which may be impacting your sleep

Most Common Causes of Injuries That Require Treatment

There are many different types of injuries caused by accidents that result in the need for treatment. Some of these include

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Why Choose Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center

Selecting the right center for your injury treatment is a pivotal decision, and at Hazel Crest, we recognize the significance of this choice. Our commitment to patient-centric, individualized care, coupled with a team of experienced professionals and a state-of-the-art facility, sets us apart in the realm of injury treatment.

Advanced Treatment Options

Due to our dedication to professional patient care and our extensive medical expertise, our healthcare providers provide a medical excellence level that is unparalleled. we have a keen focus on improving the well-being of our patients.

Largest Injury Treatment Provider in Chicago

Hazel Crest Injury Treatment Center is one of the biggest pain specialists in Chicago, and we have a holistic approach when it comes to treating the “whole patient”.

Personalized Injury Treatment Plans

We stand out from other treatment centers since we are fully dedicated to offering personalized treatment plans for each of our patients. We also work with most insurance companies and we have the correct processes to expedite paperwork, which gives us more time with our patients.

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